The Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts

The Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts (Federation) was founded in 1926. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining vibrant Jewish life in Western Massachusetts and around the world. The Federation is a fundraiser and organizer for the regions many synagogues and institutions. For a detailed recounting of their mission, please see the annual reports that I designed for them.

I was the first in-house marketing professional the Federation had ever hired. What branding they had was designed by the umbrella organization, Jewish Federations of North America, and the design work they incorporated was all furnished by freelancers and volunteers. The organization had no digital resources. No marketing infrastructure. No communications policies or procedures. They didn’t even have vector files for their logos or design files for any of their printed materials.

It was GREAT!

I built everything from the ground up: business cards, letterheads, websites, pamphlets, posters, pledge cards, newsletters, media release forms, workflow ticketing systems, an intranet employee portal, a community calendar, social media policies, emergency communications procedures… just… everything!

It is so rare to have that sort of opportunity and agency in any position; a tabula rasa.

I loved the diversity of the work. One day I’d be deep in a graphic design project, the next I’d be examining the email authentication protocols, or drafting a letter to the governor.

Community Relations Council (CRC)

In my capacity as Marketing and Communications Director, I was soon drafting op-eds and letters to government officials. My passion for persuasive writing was noted and within months I was promoted—my role and title were expanded to include Director of the Community Relations Council.

The Community Relations Council guides the Federation’s policy objectives and the Federation’s relationships with other organizations and members of local government. The CRC takes a leading role in planning special events, such as commemorating the Holocaust.